Sometime in the future an alien race discovered earth ( I just don't know what year ) and established an outpost for exploration. Having discovered a single society of highly trained professionals, they immediately set up a triage in New York city and began a journal to record the experience. An excerpt:

“........yes, we want to cure all the unfortunate souls if possible. The sores are so shocking and the eruptions are almost too much to take. When you first enter the rooms it’s the constant howling that grabs your attention. The aggressive behavior seems gratuitous. You’d think their condition would render them more passive but their struggles against any consolation are violent, even murderous. And there are so many. Who knew? Where do they all come from? An endless parade of misery and it’s still a source of amazement to us that they come here at all and on their own at that."

"These poor wretches with their opalescent skin and tortured souls that seem to wrap around their bodies like one long, clenched muscle bending them over like hunchbacks. They appear out of nowhere snorting like wild pigs frantically searching for lost truffles, flailing themselves. And they’re all on the same note, a primal scream of horrible anger and despair; a persistent, agonized wailing for their wasted lives.”


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