President Bush bravely surges ahead

Lil' Georgie's diary

Oh my God, I don't know how I can survive the next two years if I don't beat Iraq. He started it and I can't believe I don't get no credit for shuttin' his damn mouth - permanently! Sometimes I feel so nie-eve cause I was certain the people knew I was doin' all this to make 'em safe. i gotta 'mit, though, I don't really care 'bout people that can't take care a themself an' I don't need ta take care of the real strong ones like me and Dickie so In a sense there ain't no difference what people think.

Still, seems like I should get a little credit for bein' the strongest president since Andy Jackson. If it weren't for 7 then 16 wouldn't a had all them slave states ta hoodwink and he'd be standin' in line with me at the woodshed instead a bein' so popular; and for what? Freein' everybody? That's a joke! The only people that got free outta that nonsense was the negroes and three generations of whites wasted a lot of time and goodwill having to keep em' in their places. Then, along comes old Martin Luther Stupid to upset the cotton cart and he goes and gets hisself killed. If he was plannin' on commitin' suicide why didn't he do it twenty years sooner? Duh!

What people don't understand is that I'm a great president 'cause I'm strong enough ta do the right thing evertime and I'm smart too. When Dickie told me that Arabs secretly want the U.S. ta take control in the middle east 'cause we're better at managin' money and oil and them type o' things, I got it. It hit me right in the middle a ma brain pan. When Wolfy said that Zionism is just a crazy fad that would fade away as soon as Israel expands its own borders ta include Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, I got it.

I miss Ronnie. He made it look easy. Course, he didn't make many decisions cuz my dad did that for him. Ironical if you think about it. I don't listen to nuthin' my dad says heh heh. But hey, that's okay cause when mom says- "Georgie, don't worry about those poor people in New Orleans, they're used to being underprivileged. Try to think about what Andy Jackson would have done." - ...........I get it.



A message from the president

Is our children volunteering for service in Iraq? Sadly, no. I visited some the other day and found that they pretty much just like to stare at things so I've decided to recommend to congress that we reinstate the military draft. This proposal will seek to address the looming shortfall in troop deployment in the Iraqi theater while simultaneously offering extra credit for those students (grades 1-8) who sign up for the "field trip". Billions of dollars will be saved because the federal government will not need to provide education funding to our primary schools for the duration of the occupation. Additional savings will be achieved by equipping the new recruits with plastic toy guns and armor. A joint no bid contract with Haliburton and Mattel to field test Scooby Doo backpacks and swiss army pez dispensers has been authorized by the National Association of Day Care Centers. Of course, many of the details remain to be worked out but I am confident that America's kids will step up to the plate in their country's hour of need and if they don't, well, I think we can arrange a "field trip" to Guantanamo to make sure our children is learning.


Featuring the Iraqi childrens choir performing "WTF?"; "Oh my god, WTF?" and of course the ever popular; "Jesus Christ, WTF are you doing?"


war on terror
war on drugs
war on crime
and same sex hugs

war on gambling
war on whores
war on farms
and little stores

war on arabs
war on asians
not israelis?
not malaysians?

war on west bank
war on gaza
and la raza

war on cuba
war on islam
north korea

war on hunger
war on pain
war on drought
and war on rain

war on this
war on that
war on thin
and war on fat

war on red
war on blue
war on me
and war on you


When will the type 'A',
money grubbing
power hungry,
consumer addicted,
sexually insecure
and status conscious
misanthropes who
infest our government,
and control the corporations;
who rape, plunder and
murder around the world
in the name
of progress
and social order
realize that they
create the very problems
that 'force' them to
behave like brain damaged
throwing a lifelong tantrum
they can't find the right hole?
In this country drugs should
not only be legal,
they should be mandatory
and suicide
should be encouraged
and facilitated for anyone
who can't stop declaring war
on anything that moves.
How about a war on Imperialism?


The premise of class warfare in America is that wealth is good and poverty is bad. Therefore wealthy people are good and poor people are bad. This opinion is shared by rich and poor alike and so it comes as no surprise that the wealthy feel entitled and the poor feel ashamed and helpless. It is within the middle class that a debate about the nature of "success" as it is defined by materialism is played out in a way that simultaneously perpetuates the relentless consolidation of wealth while seeming to offer little hope for those trapped in the ever expanding topography of poverty. When American politicians speak of unity, they are speaking for the ruling class in the United States, but they are speaking to the ruling class in every other country.


Bush is a genius. His plan is not to defeat iraq and simply occupy the middle east.
The simple brilliant fact is that bush plans to move the united states to iraq.
he's already moved the military there and it appears that our free press which went awol thirty years ago has been living in Qatar.

P.S. Norman Podhoretz is a fascist; In case anyone hasn't noticed.


"We should have about this much free speech. Any more would probably be counterproductive to the interest of the ruling elite."

George Bush said that he'd be dead by the time everyone realizes he has been right about everything. As usual, he's right. I was time travelling the other day and was fortunate enough to attend a lecture by the most famous historian of the twenty sixth century. I can't remember his name but here's an excerpt:

--I would like to speak to you today about a legend of the twenty first century. A man whose memory is revered by all, young and old alike. A man who was forced to do battle with the demons of his time as well as the ones in his own heart. A man who overcame the most horrendous handicap ever visited upon an unsuspecting innocent by a merciless God.

Yes, your eager anticipation reveals that you know I am about to tell you the story of the beloved George Walker Bush. A story that every child learns in school and that every citizen has cherished as a sacred memory for many generations. I am as anxious as you to revisit the heroic landscape that gave birth to the first American president that was born without a brain and so I will begin the tale in the usual way.

George Bush jr. was born less than a year following the great victory over the evil Axis powers of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and this has led many to speculate that he was the actual reincarnation of WW II. While some have suggested that this is probably not true, he himself was quoted as saying "I'm a war president".

We know that his childhood was unremarkable as is often the case with remarkably unremarkable people and it is enough for us to be reminded that it did not take Mr. and Mrs. George Bush senior very long to conclude that George jr. was brainless. Fortunately for the Bush family, Young George Walker received the best medical care available at that time and so we all know that he was spared the usual outcome that befalls children so afflicted.

As is well documented, George's life really begin's with the auspicious and very heroic attempt to join the American Air Force and so do his part in the war against Southeast Asian hegemony. He desperately wished to prove his metal against the communist hordes of imperialism but his family thwarted his every move.

He was forced to 'wait out the hostilities' in the Air National Guard, a respectable branch of the armed forces charged with the defense of American soil, but for a man of action this would prove to be intolerable. With the instincts that would later
mark his presidency, Lt. Bush decided to go to Viet Nam on his own hoping to win the war and make a name for himself.

His grit and tenacity are evidenced by his repeated attempts to sneak away from his post and 'hitch' a ride to 'Nam. An ironic twist to this chapter in George's maturation of character is how some of his enemies in the Guard interpreted his behavior as an effort to avoid serving his country altogether. A scurrilous notion at best, but one it seems, that caused a great deal of amusement among Democrats and other enemy sympathizers during the Bush presidency thirty years later.

George Bush's failure to personally win the Vietnam war and make a name for himself was a severe blow to his confidence as well as a harbinger of things to come. There is no need to go into the details of how his friends and family interfered with his investments and ultimately caused him to lose millions of dollars; suffice it to say that successive business failures in the following decades served only to confirm his belief that outside forces were aligned against him.

He realized that in order to make his reputation and his fortune he would have to enter the chaotic and dangerous world of politics where he would need to draw on a deep reservoir of cunning and strength that had heretofore been hidden in, of all places, his gut. Lacking wealthy and powerful friends as well as influential family connections our hero was forced to rely on his own inner resources to guide him through the political mine fields of Texas.

Lacking a brain, George w. turned inward and after much soul searching discovered the two things that would prove to be indispensable on the long and treacherous climb to ultimate power. He had discovered God, who we now know, gave him permission to rule the world.

But more importantly he found a substitute for his brain within his gut, near his colon, actually quite close to the opening, and it was this that gave him wisdom and determination and a realization that he didn't need a brain and in fact had never needed one.

His true genius first emerged when he was governor of Texas. During his reign he was to lay the groundwork for political greatness by freeing corporations from the stifling regulations imposed by a communist state government that claimed to be acting in the public interest.

His gut would tell him, repeatedly, that the public interest is whatever the highest bidder says it is and though he knew that he could never be the highest bidder himself, he was determined to become the auctioneer and that my friends is when, as all of you know, George Walker Bush decided to occupy and incorporate the office of president of the United States of America.

I won't bore you with the terrible tale, which you already know, of how our enemies in the democratic party and the mainstream press destroyed the Bush administration and ended it's long and heroic attempt to save the American people and secure planet earth from third world aggression.

Suffice it to say that George Walker Bush is the greatest president that America has ever produced who went on to produce nothing of value for our country. But we can all take solace in the fact that he was overwhelmed by the ignorance and incompetence of virtually every human being that ever graced his presence and for that we owe him and all other victims of reality a sincere and heartfelt apology.


Republicans lost but did anyone win?

Will the new congress:

Right the ship of state?

Restore habeus corpus?

End the destruction of Iraq because its wrong and not just because we're losing?

Get rid of the patriot act?

Take government back from corporations?

Reform the corporate charter to make corporations accountable?

Substantially reform campaign finance?

Evict the lobbyists?

Deport foreign lobbyist?

Free the press from corporate domination?

Help NPR and PBS become civic watchdogs again?

Return the presidency to its proper dimension?

Protect the constitution and the bill of rights?

Overhaul voting so that it is simple and freely available to all?

Ensure that elections cannot be stolen?

Stop the internet from being dumbed down by telecoms?

Replace American imperialism with cooperation and real global leadership?

Quit supporting authoritarian societies including some of our allies?

Create an intelligent, affordable and nationwide mass transit system designed for everyone?

Dump the minimum wage in favor of a living wage?

Pass universal health care?

Do what they've been elected to do?

Don't bet on it.


A message from the president

"Everythin' Ah done is RIGHT! Everythin' Ah'm dooin' is RIGHT! And everythin' Ah'm gonna did is RIGHT!! So stop lookin' at me like 'at!!!


The threat to revolution
is ordinary sleep
wherein the drowsy rebel
is prone to trust the stale air
of exhumed politicians


travel at night
eat when you can
sleep when you must
keep to the shadows



In my make believe
the future is up, always up
but I don't know why
up keeps leering down at me
I can still imagine the past
I stare at it hopefully and
It smiles back with a frozen grin
but I can't remember the joke
and there is no eye contact
just my failing memory
casting an inward glance
in sepia


What are you doing Dave?

You're not trying to end the war on terrorism are you?



A politician's primary expressive motif is ambiguity and its purpose is alchemical. The recipe: tease from his constituents a bit of ignorance, a dash of apathy and a pinch of confusion, toss it all into a cauldron of deception, stir it with the ladle of insincerity and mutter a few broken promises. The transmogrified result is the consent of his victims to be exploited and that is worth more than any gold he could conjure or steal.


The neoconservatives
road into town
their verified bona fides,
draggin' the ground
they occupied washington,
bolted the door
scared all the lefties,
and started a war
they liked it so much,
they did it again
this time it's different,
a war without end
and victory will come,
for whatever its worth
as soon as they've killed,
every muslim on earth

And they take it for granted,
they're doing God's will
he wants them to plunder
and pillage and kill
to make the world safer
for business they must
destroy every country
and split the earth's crust
they know what to do
and they're doing it well
make the planet a prison
and all of life hell
and all of us know,
just a matter of time
before they've committed
the ultimate crime

Bush and his posse
have a big plan
Afghanistan, Bagdad
then off to Iran
this american president
knows what to do
after he does it to them
he will do it to you
and you won't even notice
until it's too late
that habeus corpus
is back in it's crate
seems it is broken
no longer will do
Bush, a repair man?
I think we got screwed


George Bush's autocratic behavior as president of the United states is not merely an aberration that is suddenly opening the door to neofascists and others with an agenda that requires the suppression of political dissent and independent thought.

We are witnessing the evolution of corporate power in the overt takeover of the federal government. It has been happening slowly and tentatively for decades but we are seeing for the first time, in this administration, the naked assertion of the right to rule, by a corporate elite.

The key to their power has been in the institutionalization of person hood for the corporation which has conjured up the bizarre circumstance in which corporations are treated as persons and people are treated as expendable components of a much larger and more relevant amorphous cultural and legal entity.

Corporations have become super persons and they in effect have super rights and privileges and they are beginning to flex their super muscles. George Bush behaves more like a ceo than a president and he is supported by a congress which acts like a board of directors whose primary concern is monitoring their investment portfolios.

He also has the active support of the supreme court which acts as his personal legal dept. and then there is the press that behaves as though they are the pr department of America inc.. We are not being attacked by corporations; our entire society is morphing into one.

Ultimately there will be only one corporation and it will be us. Pharaoh, king, emperor. Corporation is just the latest manifestation of tyranny and we are just as complicit in our own enslavement as any society in history.

The United States government has been assimilated into the prevailing corporate power structure.

This is a natural consequence of the evolution of capitalism and its preoccupation with professionalism and free market ideology. Corporate values now dominate our culture and it is easy to see how congress is viewed as an anachronism in the eyes of the corporate elite who see their dual function to be self enrichment and the removal or destruction of any obstacle to the acquisition of maximum profits for their shareholders.

We are seeing the same brazen displays of self aggrandizement and naked exercise of power by arrogant elected officials who are backed financially by corporations that will do anything to avoid regulation and accountability because they believe they should, and their ideology demands, that they overcome any resistance to the pure accumulation of wealth. Any considerations contrary to this monolithic dogma are seen as a threat to the values that underlie and support the ideals embodied in the concept of professionalism.

It is the organic network of interlocking and mutually supporting boards of directors and other major investors who constitute the corporate elite and who are responsible for maintaining a system of economic exploitation that makes continuous war by the United States against the entire world, including its own citizens, inevitable.

It is we who have allowed corporations to become so powerful that they are making us and the world sick . We have bought into the idea of professionalism with the same eagerness with which corrupt officials have bought into the idea of patrimony and free market influence in our government.

By professionalism I mean the aggressive adoption of a set of values and behaviors that are predicated on a belief in the supremacy of competition and hierarchy over cooperation and reciprocity. Professionalism is a conceptual distillation that intoxicates by codifying desire, ambition and self glorification as indispensable components of wealth, privilege and status.


The war on terror
is merely one of the manifestations
of a war on any resistance
to the intoxicated expansion
of corporate ownership and power.


Even though Tony Blair has shadowed every stupid move made by the American president since 9/11, his face clearly shows that he is stunned by how mind numbingly ignorant Bush is.


Cheney demurs

I recorded president Bush's speech and then played it backwards. Amazingly, there was another speech only it was Dick Cheney's voice. I know! Weird! Here's the transcript:

Here, in the United States of America we cherish and preserve traditions like imperialism and poverty. Where a benevolent elite of corporate investors allow a large and amorphous class of predominately undeserving and ungrateful workers the opportunity to participate in a continuous reenactment of democracy as it was once imagined for them by our aristocratic, capitalist forefathers.

We celebrate this time honored illusion not merely for its effectiveness in establishing the notion that the voters are actually choosing their representatives but also for the perception that they are an integral component in the dynamic and unprecedented wealth producing economy of America when we all know that in fact the lower classes are a burden to the real wealth holders of this country who must ceaselessly waste valuable resources by providing them food and shelter.

Obviously, We will continue this charade until such time as we have acquired a permanent and renewable source of disposable labor. Naturally, we are anxious to move beyond the limitations that maintaining the illusion of democracy imposes on our freedom to rule as we see fit. The war in Iraq would have had a very different and, I might add, positive outcome if we had been able to exterminate the entire population immediately instead of pretending to a whole host of sensibilities that in the new world order will hardly be necessary. Now, we are forced to whittle away at them at the appallingly slow pace of a hundred or so a day. Clearly, this will not do.

Domestically, we are severely hampered by the constitution and the bill of rights as well as a whole slew of civil rights organizations that collectively exhibit all the charm of slaves who erroneously believe that they have been emancipated. These parasites are feeding off the good but nevertheless misguided intentions of the framers who could never in their wildest dreams have imagined the egalitarian orgy that would erupt one day creating hopeful expectations for civil rights and a silly and unrealistic desire for justice to be applied to everyone including, of all things, those whose annual income is less than $200,000.

No, we will never achieve our goal of a permanent, global underclass with no rights of any kind that can provide corporations with the economic holy grail of free and renewable labor until we have captured every branch of government as well as the media. All we lack at the moment are the courts and we're steadily closing in on them. Unfortunately, it may take a few years to gain complete control so having nothing better to do we may as well start as many wars as we can in the middle east and practice our military diplomacy so that we will be prepared whenever anti-imperialism and virulent localism rear their nasty poverty stricken heads.

O’ obsession is a stupid thing,
very very stupid,
one of the stupidist actually,
like, you know, when you want her,
want her enough to humiliate yourself,
causing permanent damage
to your self esteem,
ruining your social life,
trashing your reputation,
She yawns between epithets,
loser, nincompoop, best friend,
you want her more now,
very stupid,
you know what I mean.


George Bush responds to questions about terrorism with a poem :

O’ the Sun is hot,
so very very hot,
if you touch it
your skin will sizzle
like shit on a griddle,
and you will feel like throwing up,
but you won’t,
because there isn’t time,
because the sun is
pretty...uh...goddamn hot,
that’s what it is,
you know what i mean.


Life is the thing
that unpacks light and necessity
and whose relentless emergence
urges upon itself
the terms of its own surrender

Love is the thing
that embroiders the fabric of space
with the dreams of unconscious weavers
who pluck life’s loom and
give color and pattern to the universe

Sex is the thing
that disturbs the veil of life
and seeks love's insistance
and in its selfish desire
attempts to blind death's gaze

Violence is the thing
that mistaking sex for love
struggles to enslave desire
and confusing death with hate
seeks salvation in anger

Death is the thing
that winds time’s thread
onto the spool of becoming
and with the passionless friction of inevitability
fashions the quilted twins of sex and violence

Sometime in the future an alien race discovered earth ( I just don't know what year ) and established an outpost for exploration. Having discovered a single society of highly trained professionals, they immediately set up a triage in New York city and began a journal to record the experience. An excerpt:

“........yes, we want to cure all the unfortunate souls if possible. The sores are so shocking and the eruptions are almost too much to take. When you first enter the rooms it’s the constant howling that grabs your attention. The aggressive behavior seems gratuitous. You’d think their condition would render them more passive but their struggles against any consolation are violent, even murderous. And there are so many. Who knew? Where do they all come from? An endless parade of misery and it’s still a source of amazement to us that they come here at all and on their own at that."

"These poor wretches with their opalescent skin and tortured souls that seem to wrap around their bodies like one long, clenched muscle bending them over like hunchbacks. They appear out of nowhere snorting like wild pigs frantically searching for lost truffles, flailing themselves. And they’re all on the same note, a primal scream of horrible anger and despair; a persistent, agonized wailing for their wasted lives.”

(Nixon - 1960)

O’ long you were
to reach your full stature
Seeking approval
A mandate for your desire
So close you came
On top
Dripping with anticipation
Certain that access is granted
For a Career capping thrust
With confidence and pride
Eager to hear
The squeal of success
To feel the warm gripping embrace
Of the grateful
But your ejaculations of “VICTORY”
Are premature
You dry up
Sweat on the brow
A checkered past
Cuckolded by one more charming
Defeat, humiliation, pain
Withdrawn into the comforting folds
Of your skin
You wait
And dream
Of another chance to score
You do
But you’re not very good
And everyone hates you
You know what I mean

Suppose that a person begins spontaneously to think for himself. He decides to inventory his knowledge to determine what he knows from his own experience undiluted by interpretations from others and what he has gleaned from the undifferentiated mass of culturally relevant knowledge authorized by the sycophantic straining of a social chorus.

Anyone who comes to the realization, no matter how belatedly, that his life long mental fog is in reality an applique that has been lovingly applied with the glue of conformity by obnoxiously normal people, needs to know that he has undertaken the most important exploration of his life and that he will encounter an eerily orchestrated resistance by those who claim to love him and by many more who won’t bother to make such a claim.

So, what does someone do at the very moment when he has noticed some movement in the fog? For it is only that, a vague apparition of common sense; instinct rising from the deepest layer of the icy mist to mock his complacency. How is he to distinguish the pallid echoes of a malnourished intuition from the rhythmic, omnidirectional shriek of a belligerent and collective insecurity?

By trusting his intuition, no matter how frightening, and realizing that it will be wrong frequently at first but, in time, will become extraordinarily reliable.

The United States has squandered the opportunity that presented itself at the end of world war II. That was the opportunity to transform the world in a positive way. To serve as an enlightened role model. Instead, we sought and continue to seek to dominate the world economically, politically and militarily and we have done so with callous disregard for the destruction visited upon dozens of countries and millions of lives.

The bitter irony is that the same cultural milieu that brought into being an unprecedented corporate and military syndicate capable of defeating the axis armies, also made it possible for this new elite to deftly recast the U.S. as the world's policeman in the service of newly emerged and powerful corporations at home and abroad.

There were so many possibilities. We could have become the world's democratic role model, nurturing and encouraging democratic principles and participation in the civic life of communities here and around the world in order to foster a growing connectedness and a spirit of cooperation. But we decided, instead, to interfere with the internal affairs of other countries so that we can more easily gain control over their natural resources.

We could have transformed the United Nations into a legitimate and effective world council devoted to the spread of democracy, organically, bringing each country into the fold at a pace suited to their needs and capacities. Instead we have chosen to undermine the organization by cynically ignoring any resolution we find inconvenient because, as Noam Chomsky has been saying for fifty years, The U.S. government has been aggressively and lethally undermining or attempting to undermine democracy wherever it has a perceived strategic interest, which because of our long economic and military reach, is virtually everywhere.

We could have fashioned an educational system capable of fostering a self governing society infused with the intellectual tradition of three thousand years of western culture enhanced by contributions from the rest of the world. Instead, we have abandoned our children to television and allowed schools to decay while ignoring the corporate takeover of congress and the presidency, an intense assault on the judiciary and the neutering of mainstream media.

We could have evolved a rich and diverse electorate able to consolidate and extend the hard won progressive gains of the last two hundred years so that each succeeding generation can experience a lessening of class disparity and a heightened sense of inclusion in the important issues that demand our attention. But we chose to hand our laws over to corporate lawyers and political opportunists in a spirit of hypnogogic fatalism and as we thrash about wildly in an attempt to save ourselves we succeed only in hurting each other.

If we still wish to realize the noble elements of our potential we must wake up and have the courage to fully recognize and acknowledge what we have become. Our leaders are at worst craven and at best confused. There are many ,still, in government who wish to elevate the discourse and challenge the arrogance of power and there are many more in private life, including within our corporations, who would defy the rapacious demands of unchecked greed and privilege.

But the indecision that has paralyzed congressional liberals and moderates and the recent hard sycophantic drift of professionally trained and educated main stream journalists have combined to reinforce our increasing malaise. No one is going to save us. As usual, it is we who will save ourselves and since congress and the press are on hiatus and the president is pouring gasoline on the fire, we will have to work with the courts to rein in the renegade extremists who have kidnapped the government and are holding it hostage.

The courts exist explicitly as a remedy to the abuses of power and are accessible to the fourth branch of government, the citizens. It is still possible to redeem ourselves but it will require taking our government back from the people who bought it. George Bush is a petty tyrant. The host of conservative supporters of Bush's political philosophy of plunder and privilege are, themselves, guilty of the willful and capricious destruction of the rule of law.

That Neoconservatives view the bill of rights and large portions of the constitution as disposable, is not new, but their brazen displays of contempt for any law that is an inconvenience to them is new and must be aggressively challenged from every quarter. In order to redeem ourselves and our principles we must vigorously prosecute and punish, to the fullest extent of the law, Bush and his entire coterie of handlers and henchman.


Professionalism is an aggressive expression of self doubt masquerading as social responsibility. The self deceptions required to justify it are responsible for the persistent alienation within our community as well as a collective neurosis that compels an otherwise rational and intelligent people to exchange integrity for mutual flattery and a fragile illusion of self respect.

Professionals run the government
So why is government so inept?

Professionals run the corporations
So why are corporations so corrupt?

Professionals educate our children
So why are so many unable to learn?

Professionals report on the world
So why are we so ill informed?

Professionals set their own standards
So why are those standards so low?
Republicans insist that we bend over whether we like it or not;
Democrats want us to bend over too but they insist that we like it.

Our lives are spent in a lucid dream, half asleep and half awake. In this dream everything is just fine. Our elected representatives are busy creating bills that provide for the common good, judges are devoted to protecting civil liberties and ensuring that the less powerful among us are shielded from misguided aggression and our president is intelligent, enlightened and understands the limits of power and the need for accountability.

Also in this dream the relationship between business and government is one of differing interests but shared goals. Both are committed to the protection and encouragement of the right to free association as well as political dissent. This dream is very nice. We continue uninterrupted until a slight disturbance, like passage of the patriot act, causes us to roll over and fluff the pillow but we don't wake up and it's back to the dream.

It seems that we only fully awaken in the middle of wars at which point we run to the window and watch in shocked silence as our leaders drive up and down the street with megaphones beseeching everyone to "Go back to sleep! It's not what you think!". And we do go back to sleep but with the vague feeling that something's not right. Our last thoughts before falling into a deep sleep are that "Congress seems to be gutting the bill of rights and I never noticed it before but the president seems kind of...of....well he doesn't seem like the kind of person who could or should be president".

But the final thought is the most unsettling, " I don't know how I could have missed it but I just had the strangest feeling that corporations have grown so powerful that they actually own congress and the mainstream media ................nah.....I must be sl-... ."
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