The neoconservatives
road into town
their verified bona fides,
draggin' the ground
they occupied washington,
bolted the door
scared all the lefties,
and started a war
they liked it so much,
they did it again
this time it's different,
a war without end
and victory will come,
for whatever its worth
as soon as they've killed,
every muslim on earth

And they take it for granted,
they're doing God's will
he wants them to plunder
and pillage and kill
to make the world safer
for business they must
destroy every country
and split the earth's crust
they know what to do
and they're doing it well
make the planet a prison
and all of life hell
and all of us know,
just a matter of time
before they've committed
the ultimate crime

Bush and his posse
have a big plan
Afghanistan, Bagdad
then off to Iran
this american president
knows what to do
after he does it to them
he will do it to you
and you won't even notice
until it's too late
that habeus corpus
is back in it's crate
seems it is broken
no longer will do
Bush, a repair man?
I think we got screwed


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