George Bush's autocratic behavior as president of the United states is not merely an aberration that is suddenly opening the door to neofascists and others with an agenda that requires the suppression of political dissent and independent thought.

We are witnessing the evolution of corporate power in the overt takeover of the federal government. It has been happening slowly and tentatively for decades but we are seeing for the first time, in this administration, the naked assertion of the right to rule, by a corporate elite.

The key to their power has been in the institutionalization of person hood for the corporation which has conjured up the bizarre circumstance in which corporations are treated as persons and people are treated as expendable components of a much larger and more relevant amorphous cultural and legal entity.

Corporations have become super persons and they in effect have super rights and privileges and they are beginning to flex their super muscles. George Bush behaves more like a ceo than a president and he is supported by a congress which acts like a board of directors whose primary concern is monitoring their investment portfolios.

He also has the active support of the supreme court which acts as his personal legal dept. and then there is the press that behaves as though they are the pr department of America inc.. We are not being attacked by corporations; our entire society is morphing into one.

Ultimately there will be only one corporation and it will be us. Pharaoh, king, emperor. Corporation is just the latest manifestation of tyranny and we are just as complicit in our own enslavement as any society in history.


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