Republicans lost but did anyone win?

Will the new congress:

Right the ship of state?

Restore habeus corpus?

End the destruction of Iraq because its wrong and not just because we're losing?

Get rid of the patriot act?

Take government back from corporations?

Reform the corporate charter to make corporations accountable?

Substantially reform campaign finance?

Evict the lobbyists?

Deport foreign lobbyist?

Free the press from corporate domination?

Help NPR and PBS become civic watchdogs again?

Return the presidency to its proper dimension?

Protect the constitution and the bill of rights?

Overhaul voting so that it is simple and freely available to all?

Ensure that elections cannot be stolen?

Stop the internet from being dumbed down by telecoms?

Replace American imperialism with cooperation and real global leadership?

Quit supporting authoritarian societies including some of our allies?

Create an intelligent, affordable and nationwide mass transit system designed for everyone?

Dump the minimum wage in favor of a living wage?

Pass universal health care?

Do what they've been elected to do?

Don't bet on it.


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