Lil' Georgie's diary

Oh my God, I don't know how I can survive the next two years if I don't beat Iraq. He started it and I can't believe I don't get no credit for shuttin' his damn mouth - permanently! Sometimes I feel so nie-eve cause I was certain the people knew I was doin' all this to make 'em safe. i gotta 'mit, though, I don't really care 'bout people that can't take care a themself an' I don't need ta take care of the real strong ones like me and Dickie so In a sense there ain't no difference what people think.

Still, seems like I should get a little credit for bein' the strongest president since Andy Jackson. If it weren't for 7 then 16 wouldn't a had all them slave states ta hoodwink and he'd be standin' in line with me at the woodshed instead a bein' so popular; and for what? Freein' everybody? That's a joke! The only people that got free outta that nonsense was the negroes and three generations of whites wasted a lot of time and goodwill having to keep em' in their places. Then, along comes old Martin Luther Stupid to upset the cotton cart and he goes and gets hisself killed. If he was plannin' on commitin' suicide why didn't he do it twenty years sooner? Duh!

What people don't understand is that I'm a great president 'cause I'm strong enough ta do the right thing evertime and I'm smart too. When Dickie told me that Arabs secretly want the U.S. ta take control in the middle east 'cause we're better at managin' money and oil and them type o' things, I got it. It hit me right in the middle a ma brain pan. When Wolfy said that Zionism is just a crazy fad that would fade away as soon as Israel expands its own borders ta include Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, I got it.

I miss Ronnie. He made it look easy. Course, he didn't make many decisions cuz my dad did that for him. Ironical if you think about it. I don't listen to nuthin' my dad says heh heh. But hey, that's okay cause when mom says- "Georgie, don't worry about those poor people in New Orleans, they're used to being underprivileged. Try to think about what Andy Jackson would have done." - ...........I get it.


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