war on terror
war on drugs
war on crime
and same sex hugs

war on gambling
war on whores
war on farms
and little stores

war on arabs
war on asians
not israelis?
not malaysians?

war on west bank
war on gaza
and la raza

war on cuba
war on islam
north korea

war on hunger
war on pain
war on drought
and war on rain

war on this
war on that
war on thin
and war on fat

war on red
war on blue
war on me
and war on you


When will the type 'A',
money grubbing
power hungry,
consumer addicted,
sexually insecure
and status conscious
misanthropes who
infest our government,
and control the corporations;
who rape, plunder and
murder around the world
in the name
of progress
and social order
realize that they
create the very problems
that 'force' them to
behave like brain damaged
throwing a lifelong tantrum
they can't find the right hole?
In this country drugs should
not only be legal,
they should be mandatory
and suicide
should be encouraged
and facilitated for anyone
who can't stop declaring war
on anything that moves.
How about a war on Imperialism?


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